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How to Beat Robocalls with an Intelligent VoIP Phone System

Cute robot representing a robocaller that wants to beat your VoIP Phone System

In today’s digital age, robocalls have become a nuisance for many individuals and businesses alike. These automated calls, generated by organizations using computer programs to dial a massive number of phone numbers, can be increasingly sophisticated, often mimicking human interaction. However, there are ways to combat this modern-day annoyance. Recently, I encountered a customer facing a deluge of robocalls and found a simple yet effective solution using their VoIP phone system. In this blog post, I’ll share the story of how we successfully tackled the robocall problem and explain how you can do the same with the TABSoft VoIP system.

The Rise of Sophisticated Robocalls:

In recent years, robocalls have evolved into clever tactics aimed at tricking unsuspecting recipients. Rather than a robotic voice, these calls may sound like genuine conversations with a person on the other end. They may greet you, introduce themselves, and even ask if you can hear them clearly. However, these interactions are merely a ruse to verify if someone answers and provide ample time for a live operator to join the call. Attempting to interrupt them is futile since they are not human but automated dialing programs.

The Power of the VoIP Auto Attendant:

Fortunately, our customer had implemented a VoIP phone system equipped with an auto attendant feature, also known as a phone menu. Typically used to provide callers with options such as pressing different numbers for specific departments, this customer had no need for such choices and preferred all calls to be routed through their secretary. However, the increasing number of robocalls had become a significant annoyance.

A Simple Solution:

To tackle the persistent robocall problem, we devised a straightforward yet effective strategy. We set up a basic menu for the customer, with a message that said, “Thank you for calling XXX. Please press 1 to continue to the receptionist.” When a caller pressed 1, the call was transferred to the main extension. Since robocalls lack the capability to respond correctly to the menu prompt, they were unable to proceed and, as a result, the influx of unwanted robocalls to the office diminished significantly.

If you find yourself struggling with robocalls, consider incorporating this intelligent feature into your TABSoft VoIP system. By implementing a customized menu that requires callers to respond appropriately, you can effectively thwart automated dialing programs and protect your office from the nuisance of robocalls.

Get Started with TABSoft VoIP:

To learn more about how you can enhance your office communication system with a TABSoft VoIP phone system and combat robocalls, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us at 770-921-8382 or email me directly at tombolick@tabsoft.net. Take control of your phone calls and say goodbye to unwanted interruptions today!

Robocalls have become a growing annoyance in our daily lives, but with the right tools and strategies, we can fight back. Leveraging the power of a VoIP phone system equipped with an auto attendant feature, like the TABSoft VoIP system, you can effectively minimize the intrusion of robocalls. Implementing a simple menu prompt that requires human interaction curtails the ability of automated dialing programs to reach your office. Don’t let robocalls disrupt your productivity any longer. Upgrade to a TABSoft VoIP system and regain control over your phone communications.